I help startups, corporations and nonprofits.

Everything we do nowadays involves internet. We have our smart phones and we do most of research on online. Unfortunately, people reading less hard copy newspapers, magazines so on. We live in a different world now. Game has shifted. Unless you have a credible online visibility then it is unluckily that you will get new customers.

It is never late and easier. To succeed, you need to be consistent with what you share online and when to share. I specialise in Internet Marketing, Website and e-commerce development photography, videography and Wordpress maintenance. Each project is unique and requires detailed attention. Please feel free to contact me on 07950 398060 for a chat.

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How I Work

My responsibility is to listen my client and understand what service they require. My initial meeting with my client is to find requirements, learn little bit about the company, find long term and short term online goals and what kind of services they seek. This will give me a platform to research my client’s requirements. In our second meeting, findings will be presented to my client and at this stage if agreed, project will commence.

I will sent an email with all required information and provide a time frame for project completion. We will have two more meetings for revision and final meeting to complete the project.

If you have any question on how I operate then please feel free to contact me. I am based in Enfield town and happy to travel to any location in London.


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